As WebGrid servers come into operation in different countries we expect interest to increase in having versions where the dialogue is in a language other than English.

WebGrid fully supports Unicode so there is no problem with special characters and non-Latin character sets. Many grids on the existing servers have elements in constructs in other languages such as Chinese, Devanagari and Russian

Over the years several people have translated the RepGrid dialogue to be in the native language of their users, such as French, German and Spanish, and we see grids being entered in WebGrid with elements and constructs many languages including Chinese, Devanagari and Russian.

WebGrid is designed such the script system can be shadowed by alternative scripts in such a way that the old scripts remain usable. Hence translation can be script by script, gradually migrating from one language to another, and a single server can support multiple languages.

We have been thinking of combing out all the natural language text as a header of strong constants to make translation easier so that web grid servers around the world can be easily localized for other languages. It would be nice then to collect the variant scripts to make it possible for any WebGrid server to be multilingual.