WebGrid Plus now has the capability to upload grid files for analysis and continuing elicitation, including upload to a registered cache.

This version, when released, will make it easier to move grids between servers, restore backups, analyze grids from other sources and so on.

The grid file format can be any one of the many that Rep Plus already supports:-

  • All our file formats from 1975 to date: PLANET, RepGrid2, Nextra, KSS0, Rep IV, Rep 5, Rep Plus

  • All our WebGrid HTML formats: WebGrid 3, WebGrid 4, WebGrid 5, WebGrid Plus

  • FlexiGrid, IdioGrid, GPack and GridSuite grid files should also upload correctly

Prior to the development of Unicode there were many different extensions of the 8-bit ASCII character set to support languages using the Roman alphabet with various accented characters. It is not possible to detect automatically which one is being used and we need to add a menu for users to select an appropriate interpretation if their grids are not in UTF8.

Currently all our accented and non-Roman grid data is in UTF8 and we have no samples of grids in other encodings. If you have grids that do not display correctly when uploaded please send us some samples so we can features to facilitate their correct upload.

Similarly, if you have grids in the formats listed above that will not upload, or in formats not listed above that you would like to upload, please send us samples so that we can improve the upload capabilities.

The link to the upload page is on the main WebGrid Plus page with the other options for grid entry:-

Clicking on "Upload a grid file" takes you to the upload page which allows you to select a grid file on your computer.

There is also an upload link at the bottom of your cache pages enabling grid files to be uploaded to your cache:-