We are working with colleagues at a number of institutions world-wide to establish a network of freely available WebGrid servers.

The server that we used to test WebGrid at the University of Calgary have been publicly available since 1994 and been used by over 100,000 users over the years. Some of the usage has been part of a doctoral research program, and WebGrid has featured in many PhD theses. Some has been part of a teaching activity involving George Kelly's personal construct psychology, and WebGrid has been used to enable students to experience the elicitation and analysis of grids. Some has been personal use on a very wide range of topics.

WebGrid originally ran on a Macintosh II computer. When Mildred Shaw and Brian Gaines retired in 1999 they purchased two iMacs to enable the University of Calgary to continue to offer WebGrid servers. These failed in 2008 but a colleague donated another Mac to continue the service. This failed in 2015 and for the first time in 20 years there is no WebGrid service from the University of Calgary.

We have received emails from a large number of concerned users and will announce the new servers on this WebGrid blog as soon as they become available.