Several colleagues have expressed interest in setting up a WebGrid server at their own institutions and asked what is involved.

The Internet version of WebGrid runs a set of scripts under the RepServe component of Rep 5 Enterprise which itself runs under the Microsoft Windows operating system.

The best environment for the operation of a reliable server currently is a Windows 2012 Server. Most university's IT Services offer Windows 2012 virtual servers that individuals may use to set up their own web services.

The primary requirement for running WebGrid is a Windows 2012 Server account on an institutional server connected to the Internet. Rep 5 Enterprise for Windows may be installed under this account and WebGrid 5 made available over the Internet.

We recommend asking IT Services to enter the URI "WebGrid.InstitutionURI" into their routing tables so that WebGrid may be accessed over the Internet at a standard URI at that Institution.

The WebGrid server may be administered remotely using Microsoft Remote Desktop on the administrator's machine. Very little administration is required.

The computational load and Internet bandwidth required by WebGrid is extremely low will not be a problem. WebGrid code is very defensive from a security perspective and passes the standard security testing suites. It is recommended that two accounts be set up, one with administrator privileges for installation and updating purposes, and the other with only user privileges for actually running Rep 5. This also provides strong security protection.