Rep Plus is a new version of our conceptual modelling tools based on enhancements made since Rep IV was released in 2005.

The major enhancements are:-

  • WebGrid Plus, a new version of WebGrid with upload capabilities as already discussed on this blog

  • Integration of Rep Plus and WebGrid Plus running on the same computer making it simple to move a grid back and forth between them

  • A grid synopsis tool showing the distribution of ratings of elements on constructs and a scree plot showing the principal components with an estimate of the number of significant components—useful to see if the full range of the construct has been used and all elements have been rated and assess the complexity of the grid

  • A grid classes tool in RepSocio enabling grids to be categorized through user-specified constructs (represented in a grid), making it simple to compare subsets of grids in various ways

  • A grid class comparison histogram tool in RepSocio enabling significant differences in construing between different subsets of grids to be identified, useful in large-scale demographic studies

  • A content analysis tool in RepSocio supporting the grouping of items from a set of grids according to their content and indicators such as the Honey/Jankowicz index, Shaw mode score, and matches between specified items

  • A batch mode analysis tool in RepSocio enabling a specified set of analyses to be run on a selected set of grids

  • Extended graphic primitives in RepNet supporting visual languages that may be customized for concept maps, semantic networks, multimedia diagrams, etc, and used to annotate the graphic output from the grid analysis tools

The coding is complete but the manuals will take some time to complete and we are planning a release early next year.