WebGrid Plus now includes the capability to display a grid as a histogram of the numbers of elements with a particular rating on each construct.

The histogram display is intended for quality assessment rather than interpretation. The interpretive analyses assume that the ratings of the elements on the constructs provide information on the meaning of those constructs. In particular, that there are elements rated at, or near, the poles of the constructs. Most elicitation techniques attempt to assure this in various ways.

However, particularly if some, or all, constructs are 'given' rather than elicited, the client may not be able to use them meaningfully. A histogram provides a rapid assessment of whether constructs have been used effectively.

We implemented this originally because we are often sent grid data with a request for advice on analysis and interpretation but with little information on how it has been elicited. The histograms are useful for making a rapid appraisal of the grids supplied.

In particular, if elements are unrated these are shown on additional bar to the right of the actual ratings.